Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Asus EeePC made to support Pentium M processor

The Asus EeePC is the little laptop that could. Fitting in the UMPC class, it is a small lightweight laptop but some say it could be more powerful. The Celeron M processor used in it is not exactly fast. The upgrade is not for the weak-hearted as some soldering is required.
Asus decided to use a Celeron M 900MHz processor due to its low power usage but it’s not exactly a speed demon. Not that the EeePC is slow, though the Celeron shows weakness when trying to run several applications on the EeePC at once.
Someone known as “Guryhwa” managed to replace the Celeron processor with a 1.2GHz Pentium M and this gave it quite the performance boost. However, the hack has a problem. The processor cannot be made to operate at 1.2GHz and is stuck at 840MHz, which speed wise (only) is slower than the Celeron.
That does not matter, because the Pentium M has a larger cache than the Celeron and manages to speed things up on the EeePC quite nicely.
It’s a nice hack, it’d be even nicer if Asus started using a better processor in the EeePC as well. Here’s hoping the ones with Windows XP/Vista ship state side. Those operating systems need a bit more horsepower than the Celeron is capable of providing

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