Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Intel processors?

Expreviewe has released a slide on its site that shows Intel will release two new processor series. Whether or not these processors will be released is unclear.

The slide shows the new Core2 Q8000 and Pentium E5000 series, marked with yellow. Both processors are based on the 45 nm process. This isn't something new for the quad-cores, but it is for the 'value processors' (under which the new E5000). Also remarkable is the fact that this E5000 no longer supports the 945 and 946 series of chipsets. Further specifications reveal a 2 MB cache and an 800 MHz frontsidebus.

The Q8000 is also based on 45nm. This processor has 4 MB cache memory and a 1333 MHz FSB.


Source: Hardware Info

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